Emotional First Aid – Module I & II
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Von 18-03-20 bis 19-03-20

Attachment Support and Parent Baby Therapy in the first time after birth

In this training Thomas Harms explains in an understandable and well-founded way why babies cry and how parents can safely and success fully regulate the feelings of their babies while babys used to cry for hours. Today‘s therapists know that babies only feel safe when they are mirrored and being heard with all their emotions. The baby who weeps contains a message to the environment that needs to be deciphered.
However screaming offers the parents great emotional challenges and can lead to stress and uncertainty in daily life.

Recent results of the infant- and attachment-research shows that parents can better understand and guide their babies when they stay connected with the feelings of their own bodies. In this training tools are given how the therapists/parents can learn to listen, to understand and respond to the tears and needs of babys through careful introspection and body awareness.

Content of the program:
· Attachment theory and the psychosomatic aspects of postpartum crises
· Strengthening of the bond by Belly Breathing
· Learn to use breathing as a biofeedback system
· Basics and testing of connection-strengthening during postpartum crisis work
· The use of physical contact with families and babies within the crisis intervention

Module I: 18. – 21. März 2020
Module II: 25. – 27. May 2020

All modules will be hold in English!

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